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Weird Stuff. Most people who are into weird stuff — odd art, strange cards, and bizarre accessories — have a wide range of interests. Thankfully, the world of weird stuff …

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An example of weird are the witches in Macbeth. An example of weird is someone with 100 piercings in his face.

Tech Weird Twitter: The Oral History Absurd, absurdist, and in its own elliptical way, one of the biggest influences on comedy today. Meet the unwitting pioneers behind the internet’s dumbest revolution.

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But what’s really interesting about this is that we should already now it. Think about it — we’re all givers and receivers of gifts — so while we know we prefer to get precisely what we want, we all assume other people prefer to …

Hypothesis: by killing off some of the neurons responsible for making you not insane? Anyway, I think the most probable explanation is that “this one study” is a fluke and psychedelics attract weird people.

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The How Weird Street Faire is a project of the non-profit World Peace Through Technology Organization, proving that peace is possible. See why San Francisco is still at the vanguard of creativity, artistic expresssion, and conscious development.

The Colorado Street Bridge has seen over 100 people commit suicide leading to a variety of ghosts!

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A few days ago I was driving through a grocery store parking lot, when my forward progress was interrupted and I was forced to sit and wait for yet another shitpouch to back his car into a parking space.

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People are strange. This series of photos, celebrates individual weirdness, strange ways, or unique customs.

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